10629560 - nutritionSupermarket check out lines are the store’s last chance to sell you an impulse item. In addition to magazines and tabloids, the temptations in the check out line include candy bars, sugary drinks and chewing gum along with a few novelty items. These are impulse items that you add to your basket at the last minute. If you are hungry, you can add your favorite candy bar or energy bar in some cases. These are small items that are not high-priced, but they will not help you lose weight the healthy way.

Temptations in the Check Out Line

The retail food industry promotes obesity with foods packed with sugar and additives at the check out aisles. Small packages of chips and cookies are also there for children to grab while mom or dad unloads the shopping cart. Many products advertised on television are placed at children’s eye level in food store check out lines.

This junk food is attractively packaged to catch your eyes and temp you. Even non-food stores offer candy and other treats at the check stand. Drug stores are not any better than supermarkets with candy, gum and cookies at the check stand.

One nationwide drugstore chain has cashiers promoting specials on cookies and candy while they are checking out buyers. If the junk food gives people indigestion, the antacids are right there to help.

Psychological Research

The placement of impulse items at the check stand is not random. Research has shown that people who were not even thinking about a candy bar or gum package will want to buy and eat the products when they see them on a shelf a few inches away.

The check stand area is usually narrow so that you will be very close to products they want you to buy. The tired, stressed shopper or teenager may be attracted to a high-calorie chocolate coated caramel candy bar with no food value only an arm-reach away. Teens are quick to identify and grab junk food at the check stand.

Resist Temptation

It is a battle of wills if you are tired and hungry when that junk food display grabs your attention. Knowing that the junk food items may give you indigestion is one way to combat the impulse to buy.

Reading the lurid tabloid headlines while waiting in line is another distraction. You can pick up a magazine and glance at it for a minute or two, but don’t read the magazines with photos of rich desserts on the cover.

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