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Testimonials don’t lie. Read on to see what a top internist and past clients are saying about The NYC Weightloss Solutions.

Here’s What Our Clients Have to Say…

Krystal Lopez   

I love the NYC Weightloss Solutions! I have to say a big thank you to Becky and Tehilla for their amazing guidance and support. I was a bit skeptical when I first began the program but 6 weeks later I was down 20 pounds! I feel amazing and I’m so proud of myself. I never thought this would be possible but I did it! Even after my program was complete, Becky continues to be an enormous support system and continually encourages me to stay healthy and happy. I am so grateful to the NYC Weightloss Solutions team. Becky has helped change my outlook on food and you has helped me change my life for the better! Thank you both to Becky and Tehilla!!

M Reyes  

Anything is possible, it’s your choice whether or not you choose to make it happen. I MADE IT HAPPEN! A big big thank you to Becky and Tehilla. You have changed my life in just 2 1/2 months. I was very nervous starting the program thinking there was no way I would be able to do it. Well 22 pounds later I DID IT. You guys are amazing. Your on going support and motivation helped me reach my goal. There is not a day that goes by without someone saying how amazing I look.


4 months and 45 pounds ago, I called Becky to make my first appointment. I had seen the information about NYC Weightloss Solutions on the internet and just decided to just call and see. It just so happened that there was a cancellation that day and about an hour later I found myself, for the first time, sitting in Becky’s office. Since I had not eaten anything yet that when I went to NYC Weightloss Solutions that day, a part of my routine of not eating all day and then justifying a big dinner, Becky thought that there was no reason for me not to start immediately. I hoped that I would lose weight but I had no idea that this would be the first day of a journey back to finding me.

I had always been thin, now that’s not to say that I did not put on a pound or two here and there. But, I had never been like this. I had not stepped on a scale in years. I felt embarrassed, ashamed, insecure…I did not want to buy clothes or, for that matter, be around people who knew me in public. I was angry at myself because while my weight was part of what was making me so miserable and I knew that I should do something about it, at the same time I would just brush it off and think “who cares.”

Becky became my cheerleader, always positive and encouraging. Becky truly cares about the success of everyone who walks in the door, s he even sent postcards to her clients during her vacation in Hawaii. Not only did she make losing weight easy, but with her as my guide, something that I could stop worrying about. Becky told me what to eat and I just followed her directions, didn’t cheat, and found myself losing weight every time I saw her. She made me feel positive and confident that I would feel good about myself again. Going to NYC Weightloss Solutions was a gift that I gave myself and one that was truly priceless.

Ben Seldon  

Becky Wilborn is simply Fabulous!

A true partner in your success.

Highly recommend!

Da Arč  

Love Becky and her team – especially how they educate on healthy eating and creating habits that support diet plans and activities promoting success.
I <3 NYC Weightloss Solutions 🙂

Dianne Kelly  

My name is Dianne Kelly and I am a NYC Weightloss Solutions Success Story
I have been trying to lose weight and keep it off for a number of years. I would lose it and after awhile I would gain it right back, which was getting me frustrated. I’m about 5′ 7″ and my family and friends would tell me that I didn’t need to lose weight, but I was unhappy with the way I looked. When Linda from the NYC Weightloss Solutions ranged my door bell, I could not believe my good fortune. She explained to me who she was and that she worked on the 10th floor. I told her that I was interested and after having my last big meal on Easter Sunday, I decided to make an appointment. Linda was not available so I met the owner, Becky,and I fell in love with her right away  I couldn’t find a more caring person then Becky. Becky explained the plan to me, asked me what my goals were and explained to me how I could achieve them. I signed up, told her my desires and here I am 5 months later, I am down 25 pounds and over 18 or more inches with exercise and following my plan. The diet is simple; it was very easy to follow, It was just a change in my eating habits. I am now following my maintenance plan which I will be on for a year and I am determined to stay this size, with the help of Becky, Linda and Liz, I’m sure that I will succeed. I bought my first size 6 pants a few weeks ago and my goal was to get back into a size 10. I have grown very fond of Becky, Linda and Liz, they are three caring women and I would recommend the NYC Weightloss Solutions to anyone because they have certainly put a smile on my face.

Josh Wagner  

Becky is an amazing resource for you to reach your healthy weight loss goals. She will listen and customize a plan specifically for you, keeping your unique lifestyle in mind throughout. You will get one on one service and I couldn’t endorse more. Give yourself this gift.

Joseph Heap ReachLocal  

Becky really help me understand how to cope with my eating problem. She always took the time to explain how to fight the urges that have hurt my dieting in the past.
I would highly recommend there service.

Doug W. – Director of ABC Sports 

Like thousands of others, I have been “on a diet” for decades. I think I’ve gone through most of the fads and dietary fantasies that have come and gone through the years. I remember “the Drinking Man’s Diet” with particular fondness! All of the diets worked, by the way – FOR A SHORT TIME, A VERY SHORT TIME! But DIET CENTER has worked for THE LONG HAUL.

As I look back, I began to diet at the age of fourteen when I had to “make weight,” as we used to say, to qualify for my competitive weight classification on my high school wrestling team. I make my wrestling weights by dehydrating myself and starving for a couple of days before the matches. Of course it worked, but after chugging down post-match quarts of milk, gorging on cake, and consuming huge, sumptuous feasts at the
dinner table following the matches, I weight about 10 lb. more the next day. The following week for the next match the process was repeated and continued to pattern throughout the season. It’s no wonder that my metabolism got off to a rocky, inefficient, roller coaster-like start as a teenager.

After years of traveling as a producer and director for ABC Sports, and trying to stay trim on whatever was the current fad diet, I finally found NYC Weightloss Solutions, and in doing so found success.

I first went to NYC Weightloss Solutions in the 1980s. Over a period of a couple of months, I trimmed down. My clothes fit. My stamina improved. My alertness was revitalized. My quality of life was elevated. As long as I was being guided by the NYC Weightloss Solutions principles and kept working with the staff, in particular, Becky Wilborn, I stayed on track despite the stress and fatigue brought on by continuous world wide travel and a sleep deprived schedule. Then, I left NYC Weightloss Solutions and returned to my old ways. Do I need to tell you about the resulting years; the ups and downs, the gallons of cabbage soup that gave out unpleasant aromas; the endless consumption of diet colas; the days of “being good” followed by the nights of gorging, and waking up depressed, feeling a deep sense of failure and a lack of self-esteem?

Although I had not worked with NYC Weightloss Solutions since the 1980s, I had kept in occasional contact with Becky Wilborn over the ensuing years. Eventually she opened up her own NYC Weightloss Solutions office on the East Side of Manhattan. She never pressured me, or even intimidated that I should reconnect with the NYC Weightloss Solutions programs. She just called me now and then as a friend, allowing me to quietly understand that she was there to help, if I ever felt the need.

About a year ago Becky made one of her biannual calls to inform me of a new NYC Weightloss Solutions program, a twenty-one day diet, just in case I ever needed it. A couple of months later I needed it.

Becky Wilborn is an exemplary NYC Weightloss Solutions Director. She makes her clients feel they are deeply cared for. Becky has become dietician, teacher, confidant, chaplain, coach, and friend. For more than a year now, my weight has been under control. There has never been a stretch like it in my life. I live in an acceptable weight zone. Most important: It has been maintained throughcontinuous consultation and a balanced diet, nurturing nutrients, and moderate, healthful exercise.

The NYC Weightloss Solutions program makes sense. There is nothing extreme about it. It is comfortable to live with, especially for those of us who finally understand that we must focus on principals of proper nutrition, if we want to be in control of our weight continuously over the long haul.

We all know there are ways to lost weight quickly, but it always comes back quickly without sensible intake. NYC Weightloss Solutions helps you down the long road. I wish I had been with it continuously throughout the years. I would have been much better off. Now, however, I have confidence in the future of my weight control and my health, because NYC Weightloss Solutions and Becky Wilborn are guiding me.

Looking forward,

Doug Wilson

Director, ABC Sports, Inc.

Irene R 

I would like to share my impressions about this great thing called “NYC Weightloss Solutions” or should I call it “Joy Center” as each time I put my foot here I feel good and joyful, regardless if I lost, gained or stayed the same. With moving to the U.S., new foods, changing food habits, eating out more, craving those muffins, food that was at displays all hours of the day-I started to feel more and more uncomfortable. I heard and saw an ad on TV about NYC Weightloss Solutions that affected me. Being quite reserved by nature, I felt relieved and pleased when I was seen by a young lady, who I found to be the best in the industry. Becky and her straight and sincere approach I liked instantly, as well as the personal communication you feel you are getting from NYC Weightloss Solutions, so you really want to achieve the goals that are realistic and that made me feel good. There were ups and downs, but they held a firm grip in helping you so goals could be achieved. NYC Weightloss Solutions moved, then Becky went solo on East 49th Street, and after having been out in NYC Weightloss Solutions for a while, I rejoined NYC Weightloss Solutions with Becky and Debby and NYC Weightloss Solutions became part of my life. They both are devoted to help you understand that, even when making mistakes, having so-so excuses etc…there is always that goal you can reach back with so many new options offered to us. Whatever type of person you are, whatever your objections, you find nothing is impossible to them. NYC Weightloss Solutions can help resolve all of this in order that you may achieve reasonable and not impossible goals in a healthy fashion. They easily communicate the answers to questions that puzzle you and confuse you. What I mostly would like to emphasize before ending is how important the MAINTENANCE PHASE is. Being supervised weekly by NYC Weightloss Solutions is the key to success. Not doing it for a few years, thinking I can control is was a mistake. I will not do that again. It is so much easier and fun-even with small mistakes-to get hold of it with maintenance.

Thank you, dear Becky, hope to see you for many, many healthy years to come.


Irene R.

Alissa S. 

Six months ago, I was beyond frustrated and confused by my weight. It constantly fluctuated and I didn’t understand how to monitor my eating habits in a healthy and constructive way. As a ballet dance, I am judged first by my body and then by what I can do with it; my weight is under constant scrutiny and was a serious obstacle in pursuing a career in the ballet world. Ballet requires that a person is capable of maintaining a weight which borderlines on emaciation while simultaneously being able to perform at a highly demanding physical level. Finding a balance can be natural for some; for me, it seemed impossible. In my desperation to control my weight, I could have easily turned to one of those mad diets that seem to be everywhere these days. Luckily, I found Becky and Deborah at NYC Weightloss Solutions.

The program just makes sense! You eat real food in appropriate portions. I never knew what a serving of pasta or chicken even looked like before; now I know not only how much or what to eat, but also how to eat at the right times so I can maintain the highest energy level I can. There are certainly challenges both mental and Ny health coachesphysical to weight loss but every time I had a setback or difficult time, Becky and Deborah were there to help me through it and urge me not to get discouraged. Having such intelligent and supportive people to guide me through this process is definitely a key part of NYC Weightloss Solutions. Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to also recognize the emotional aspects of my weight struggle. In meeting with them every week, I learned to view my weight in a calm and logical way; instead of always reacting to weight loss or gain emotionally, I began to think of it as a sort of math problem. The dialogue in my head changed (either up or down) I tried to figure out what I had done that week that would have that result. I also started to recognize links between my weight and my emotional state. In keeping a food log and having a set time to get on the scale every week, I could see the triggers that sparked my weight gain. I’ve started to address those issues and I view my eating in a very different light.

NYC Weightloss Solutions did more than just help me lose weight; it’s helped me transform what was inside as well as out. I have gained so much insight and I feel like a new person on multiple levels. I am so relieved to finally have the tools to continue on this path; I’m no longer just trying whatever random scheme might work this month and then trying a new one a few weeks later. NYC Weightloss Solutions has proved to be a defining experience for me. When I walked through the door that first day, I had no idea a diet program could help me grow as a person, but NYC Weightloss Solutions has definitely changed my life for the better.

Alissa S.

Myra S. 

It has been seven months since I opened the door to NYC Weightloss Solutions for the first time, and “desperate” is the word that I would have to use to best describe my state of mind. Frightened by the number on the scale readout, wearied by the most simple of daily tasks and unable to persevere on any diet regime past a faint beginning, I was resigned to failure even as I entered. Looking back now, I know that it was the vague memory of a “successful” loss with a NYC Weightloss Solutions many years ago that unconsciously informed my present choice. I had recalled that the one-on-one counseling and support that I received and the availability of the counselor as often as I needed during the week had made the difference for me between success and failure. At this point, I was not even aware of all the great new diet tools and options offered by the program. I walked in and literally cried, “HELP”!

It’s almost possible to say that the fifty-one pound loss has been “easy”, and I can at least say that it has been surprising and thrilling to experience. I chose to go on a three week Thermogenic plan which allows one to eat real food and live quite normally, and I can honestly say I was never hungry. Most crucial to my ongoing feeling of success, though, was the insightful, enthusiastic, intelligent, creative wholehearted, warm and sincere Nyc health coachessupport of my counselors. There is no way that I could have gotten here without them, and that is why I am hopeful – for the first time in my life- that I can make and keep a commitment to maintain this weight loss. This is shaping up to be the most difficult of on-going struggles; self-sabotage is such a powerful adversary. All the people who were supposed to say “Wow!” have said it, I’ve already dumped my size 16’s and gotten those lovely 10’s, and now I have to go on from day to day and “just do it” without all the hoopla. The “high” of a lower number on the scale each day is gone, but the health is still there and the energy and—thank heavens- Becky, my counselor! Her loving and unbounded enthusiasm and warmth isbeyond uplifting and encouraging. She is a consistent positive presence and a businesswoman with integrity whom I trust. If you think that doesn’t affect one’s changes for success, you’re quite wrong; any excuse to defy an authority figure and “sin” with a nice edible treat would be just fine on a bad day!

I know that the combination of these diet options and the one-on-one support I can count on have been the answer to weight loss for me and, most importantly, the ongoing relationship in a maintenance program with NYC Weightloss Solutions and Becky gives me hope that this time I may really be able to stay the slim person I always envisioned lived beneath the camouflage.

Thank you, Becky- you are a real gift in my life.

Myra S.


Going to NYC Weightloss Solutions was probably the nicest thing I’ve ever done for myself. Being overweight all my life, I’ve tried diet after diet. I finally for to the point where I gave up because I was so sick of the vicious cycle and never reaching my goal. After moving from Texas, I was out of the heat and enjoying wearing winter clothes that covered me from head to toe. However, when I had to go home for a friend’s wedding and realized the bridesmaid dress had to be altered dramatically in less than 48 hours to accommodate my increase in size, I knew I had to do something.

Since I met the counselors at NYC Weightloss Solutions, I’ve learned to deal with my life in a whole new way. I’ve learned to plan what I eat each day instead of grabbing anything left in the refrigerator after a long day. I’ve learned to deal with stress by treating myself to good things instead of turning to food—whether I take a long bath or go for a walk in the park.

Although losing thirty-five pounds has done a lot for my outer appearance, I’m more proud of the changed I’ve made on the inside. For the first time in years, I’ve decided to show up for life. I’ve become involved in church, enrolled in ballroom dancing class, gotten a makeover, joined a gym, took a movie critique class—and the list goes on. Instead of hiding behind my layers of protection, I’m taking control of what I do and who I am.

I think the greatest thing about NYC Weightloss Solutions is the one-on-one counseling. My NYC Weightloss Solutions counselor knows more about me that most of my friends. I count her as one of my closest friends, because she gives me emotional support, encouragement, and helps me through the rough times. And when I’m not perfect and don’t want to come in to confront the scale, she tracks me down and talks me through it. She helps me understand that I can either get over it or I stay in the cycle and really blow what I’ve done so far.

This program is what you make of it. I’m definitely not an overnight success story. I have lost my weight slowly and steadily. But if you want to learn how to be healthy for the rest of your life, I don’t think there’s any other program that’s better.


Eileen B.

Hi Becky,

Below are my thoughts.

My first appointment with Becky, at NYC Weightloss Solutions, was on April 24, 2006. I had really hit rock bottom and was at my wits end when it came to my weight. A friend of mine had success with NYC Weightloss Solutions in Memphis, TENN, and I decided to check the phone book and see if there was a NYC Weightloss Solutions in NYC. I called and had a very positive phone conversation with Becky. We made the appointment and the moment we met, I knew that I would be successful with this program. Since my first meeting I have lost a total of 47.5 pounds and 67 inches. I started my regimen by doing the 21 Day Thermogenics plan and remained on it for 4 months, which was the time it took for me to hit my goal weight. I started maintenance and actually continued to lose a few more pounds. I now have been on maintenance since mid August 2006 and find it very easy to live my new life.

Since losing the weight I find that my knees no longer hurt me when I walk. I am much more energetic and feel great about myself. As an Executive Vice President for an upscale clothing company, I felt very badly about my looks when I was heavy. I had a hard time dressing in the morning and constantly felt like I was not the best role model and representative for my company. I was very self-conscious because I am often in the limelight. I did everything I could to hide my shaped and struggled with negative feelings every morning when getting dressed. I hated the way I looked and hated myself for creating the problem.

When I started with NYC Weightloss Solutions I wore a size 16 and today I am proud that I wear a size 8/10. I am excited to get dressed in the morning and love the compliments that I constantly get. My husband is my biggest fan. I can tell from the way he looks at me that he is very proud. In fact, today we spoke about the approach of my one-year anniversary with NYC Weightloss Solutions and he commented on how he admires my strength and dedication. This is the first time in many years that I am excited that spring/summer is coming. I no longer have to worry about putting on a bathing suit or showing my body in more revealing clothing. It was always easier to disguise my weight problem in winter clothing but spring/summer was always a challenge. In the past I wore stockings even though it was 90 degrees outside and felt self conscious and uncomfortable in what I wore because of my large body. Now, I will be enjoying the coming season wearing shorter skirts, no stockings and sleeveless tops. I will be having more fun and feeling more confident about myself in my new body.

I know that I owe part of my success to the wonderful guidance and support of Becky. Our weekly meetings plus phone calls helped to solve food challenges. Being accountable to someone else and knowing that Becky really cared about me was a huge motivator. I have done many different diet programs before, including Weight Watchers, hypnosis and a nutritionist. After spending a lot of money, none of these programs worked for me. Thanks to Becky and the NYC Weightloss Solutions program I have been able to overcome the huge obstacle of losing weight and keeping it off. How do you say THANK YOU for such a gift?

Gratefully and happily yours,


Jani S.  

I’ve struggled with weight throughout my life. NYC Weightloss Solutions is the only weight loss program that has ever worked for me. I had a successful experience with NYC Weightloss Solutions years before and returned after I put weight back after childbirth.

I feel like a young, more confident version of myself. I feel a sense of freedom and confidence that allows me to feel more comfortable with myself and other people in business and social situations. I feel in control and totally happy. I don’t proceed through my day feeling miserable because I’m heavy and wondering how other people are perceiving me.

I went from a size 14 to a size 6. Shopping for clothes is now entertainment instead of a depressing chore. My family and friends all want to know how I reinvented myself. I’ve been told that I look “like my own daughter.” Other comments say, “sexy”, “amazing.” I feel free and exhilarated with life.

Becky Wilborn makes all the difference for me. Her willingness to really listen and devise strategies that work for me individually allows me to successfully achieve my goals. From start to finish the NYC Weightloss Solutions provided me with personal, intelligent, professional, solid guidance and made it easy and fun. Every pound was a milestone.

It feels more fantastic than words can describe to buy clothes and feel great about the way I look in them. My self-image has improved 1,000 percent. I have a higher energy level and an overall feeling of well-being.

If I continue with weekly individual counseling, which for me is key, I believe I will be successful in maintaining my goal weight. If I could make a statement to everyone, everywhere, who is overweight, concerning NYC Weightloss Solutions it would be: You’ll feel like a new person – healthier, more confident; and you’ll have developed good eating and mental habits that can last a lifetime.

Jani A.

Michelle Reyes

Dear Becky,

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, AND THANK YOU!  It is because of you that I am back to the old me.  I can’t believe that in 2 1/2 months you and your team helped me reach my weight loss goal.  22 pounds lighter feels amazing. 

I was very scared going into this and didn’t think I would be able to achieve my goal.  Who could possibly follow this plan and not be hungry?  Well to my surprise it was easier than I thought and a success.  Without your support, motivation, and warm personality I would not have been able to do it.  You and your team made this so easy.  The bars, shakes, and even chewables were so tasty that I actually miss them.

Not a day goes by without someone telling me how amazing I look.  Without hesitation I tell them about your program and give them your number to call.

“Nothing taste as good as being thin feels”

Thank you for everything,

Michelle Reyes

Laurie C. Nash MD – 920 Park Avenue, NYC, NY
As a busy Primary Care physician in New York City for the past 18 years, I have spent so many hours talking diet and weight loss with my patients.  For some, the extra weight is leading to additional and significant health problems requiring further treatments and medications. For others it is a chronic source of

dissatisfaction and unhappiness with themselves. For me as their doctor, despite my earnest and thoughtful efforts to find the right diet that will actually work for a patient, it can be a relentless and frustrating pursuit with little or no success.So you can imagine my excitement and relief when I discovered Becky Wilborn and her colleagues at The NYC Weightloss Solutions!  I have had nothing but success stories from my patients who are working with the NYC Weightloss Solutions. These are patients who have dieted for years and years, who have lost and gained, over and over, who have spent so many hours thinking about what, when, and how to eat and exercise.   Now I tell them, “If you are really ready to stop wasting your time and finally get the job done, you need help and you need the NYC Weightloss Solutions.”And they go and one after the next they come back to me with great news.

The NYC Weightloss Solutions is about an individualized, no-nonsense, healthful food approach in which patients do no feel hungry while losing weight.  The counselors are very smart and so talented at tuning into the patients’ specific issues and needs and addressing them individually in a private and personalized setting.  The NYC Weightloss Solutions offers an extremely high level of accessibility to their clients comprised of consistent and frequent office visits and phone calls and I believe this is a major reason for their success.

I am so relieved to have discovered the NYC Weightloss Solutions, and my patients are too!

Rachel Weissman  

NYC Weightloss Solutions is unique! It provides one-on-one meetings without the one-on-one cost! Becky, Liz & Linda genuinely care & they take the time to get to know you, so that they can uncover what approach to take to help reach your weight loss goals! The meals are convenient & delicious! This was the 1st program (I have tried them all), that encouraged behavior modification exercises, such as writing affirmations & discussing thoughts & feelings surrounding weight loss obstacles & successes. I really enjoyed the luxury of calling in to the ladies, as many times as necessary for support between meetings. Not only did I reach my weight loss goals with NYC Weightloss Solutions, but I learned about myself! I was provided with nutritional information, along with positive reinforcement & guidance throughout the entire program!! I strongly recommend this plan!


4 months and 45 pounds ago, I called Becky to make my first appointment. I had seen the information about NYC Weightloss Solutions on the internet and just decided to just call and see. It just so happened that there was a cancellation that day and about an hour later I found myself, for the first time, sitting in Becky’s office. Since I had not eaten anything yet that when I went to NYC Weightloss Solutions that day, a part of my routine of not eating all day
and then justifying a big dinner, Becky thought that there was no reason for me not to start immediately. I hoped that I would lose weight but I had no idea that this would be the first day of a journey back to finding me.

I had always been thin, now that’s not to say that I did not put on a pound or two here and there. But, I had never been like this. I had not stepped on a scale in years. I felt embarrassed, ashamed, insecure…I did not want to buy clothes or, for that matter, be around people who knew me in public. I was angry at myself because while my weight was part of what was making me so miserable and I knew that I should do something about it, at the same time I would just brush it off and think “who cares .”

Becky became my cheerleader, always positive and encouraging. Becky truly cares about the success of everyone who walks in the door; she even sent postcards to her clients during her vacation in Hawaii. Not only did she make losing weight easy, but with her as my guide, something that I could stop worrying about. Becky told me what to eat and I just followed her directions, didn’t cheat, and found myself losing weight every time I saw her. She made me feel positive and confident that I would feel good about myself again. Going to NYC Weightloss Solutions was a gift that I gave myself and one that was truly priceless.


Tom Dolan

I’ve been a yo-yo dieter all my life! Successful at  times , but eventually gaining it all back. I’m a 60 year old knowledge worker with little time to waste in a gym , so it’s not easy to lose. I tried to take the weight off on my own, but without a solid plan, expert advice , or realistic goals my efforts got nowhere.

I searched the internet and the “NYC Weightloss Solutions” came up, and what the ad  promised made sense and gave me hope. I went for an interview determined to be honest and committed to weight loss, and thankfully was admitted to the Diet Fast 1600 program.

The program was tough, and initial results were slower than anticipated. But like magic, it started to work, little by little, and over about 3 months I lost 25 lbs of fat  ,and went from a size 42 waist to 36. The friendly staff is very knowledgeable and supportive which made it easy to continue in the program.

While the program seemed a bit expensive , the results were well worth the effort. Recently , I cleaned out my closet and reclaimed $1500 in business suits, that were not wearable for the last 6 years. I would recommend the program for people who are highly motivated and need results faster than Weight Watchers. I don’t have to tell folks I’ve lost weight, .they usually tell me first via a complement.

Sincerely…Tom Dolan

Flushing New York


I am a new comer to NYC Weightloss Solutions, but not a new comer to dieting.  I’ve just about tried them all, maybe been successful for a while, but then fell by the way side.  I was talking with my primary doctor about trying to lose weight and she said that she knows that I have felt that way for many years and that several of her patients have used the NYC Weightloss Solutions on E. 56th St. and had found it helpful and that they were successful.

I have a big birthday coming up the end of the year and decided to take the plunge and give myself a birthday present.  I called up Becky and made an appointment.  The diet is great (but so are many others), but the really personal attention is wonderful.  A weekly one on one visit is a must, but you can call as often as you need to and get help as you need it.  I was not pressured to buy supplements, bars or any food if I did not want to do so.  The office and structure is a “safe haven” where you can feel confident about getting the help you need.

I feel confident that I am going to be successful and will be so thankful to Becky and NYC Weightloss Solutions for being at my side in this venture.

Take a chance and make that call that can help you be successful in becoming the new you.


Ellen G. 

September, 97’, I walked into suite 540 –name on door- “NYC Weightloss Solutions”. Once again, I would prove that my malfunctioning thyroid was the sole reason for the additional 30 pounds on my formerly svelte body.

Becky and Deb listened to all my reasons and excuses as to why I couldn’t possibly lose the weight. Due to gastro problems (no raw veggies allowed), irritable bowel syndrome (same thing), malfunctioning thyroid and the most important reason, but the one I choose not to mention was simply “overeating.”

I cant exchange foods, add or subtract calories, take one from this group and two from another group.
Weighing and rationing food is not for me and time is too short for culinary creativity and don’t suggest exercising. I have no energy and I can’t eat dinner earlier than 8:30. I needed hand-holding, policing, guidance, understanding and encouragement. I needed a pat on the back and coddling. I needed to be able to reach out and call someone when the going got tough and my willpower was faltering. I wanted my energy back. Now, I was listless from the additional weight I was carrying. I wanted to be happy again, I wanted to be “me” again. “Help me,” I literally cried during my first meeting with Becky and Deb, we hugged each other and thus began my journey back to “me.”

I was given four menus to follow where even my 11 PM snack (sugar-free jello) was included. I was so excited and the friendship that grew between Deb, Becky and myself goes beyond “NYC Weightloss Solutions.” They promised me that I was going to succeed. I believed them. I weigh in every Wednesday evening. “Something lost…” the threw of us hug and kiss and jump around holding each other. “Something gained…” I get a pep talk and lots of TLC. Ya know what? I’m only 10 lbs. from my goal, I did succeed- rather we did succeed. I look and feel wonderful…I’m happily smiling, my energy has returned and I have found “me.” Becky, Deb and NYC Weightloss Solutions gave me my life back and I love them dearly for helping me.

Ellen G.

Terry A. 

Weight has been an issue my entire adult life. I’ve tried numerous diets but none of them worked for me. At best I was caught in a yo-yoing cycle.

That all changed when I started the NYC Weightloss Solutions. From our first meeting, Becky and her staff were very encouraging. They let me know that my weight could be controlled with proper food choices, quantities and exercise. I was desperate so I gave them a try.

As a result, not only am I losing weight and inches, but my knees have stopped aching and my breathing is much less labored. Becky and her staff have kept me on the path even during the occasional time period when I was not losing weight. I will always be grateful for the NYC Weightloss Solutions’s guidance and support.

Many Thanks,

Terry A.

Joan H. 

For the last 10 years, Becky and the NYC Weightloss Solutions programs have guided me through some of the most stressful times in my life. I have participated in many of the NYC Weightloss Solutions’s programs and find the plans are fully satisfying and always help me to lost the weight that I want to lose. Becky has taught me that sometimes the only thing that I can control in my life is what I eat. Also, that eating cookies (I am definitely a carb lover!) will not make me feel better and most of the times makes me feel worse and out of control.

Becky has become the “voice of reason” in my head that always leads me in the right direction – whether it relates to food or other areas in my life – it is all connected, as we know. I have come to rely on Becky as a trusted friend who I am glad to have in my life. She is a true inspiration and a definite role model for me.

Joan H.

Sally K. 

Dear Becky,

There is so much flexibility and there are so many different options at the NYC Weightloss Solutions that anyone who wants to lost pounds and inches is sure of finding just the right way to achieve success. Your personal approach tailors the program to an individual’s lifestyle. I think that’s what makes the NYC Weightloss Solutions unique. Thermogenics and those magic supplements really work for me, and the meal replacement bars are a great help when I’m on the run. Otherwise, it is good to be able to live a normal life and eat out even following one of the diet plans.

After only four weeks at the NYC Weightloss Solutions, I had lost the eight pounds that had refused to come off any other way. Now that I’m back to weighing what I weighed twenty years ago, I feel confident that your maintenance program and regular counseling sessions will keep me where I want to be.

It is never easy to stick to a diet, of course, but the enthusiastic support you and Deb give your clients makes it all possible. Thanks for everything.

Linda Z 

Dear Becky,

Thanks to you and NYC Weightloss Solutions I was able to achieve weight goals I was never able to do on my own. With your guidance, steadfast encouragement and valuable assistance, I even surprised myself. The program and maintenance were very valuable parts of my day-to-day life and challenges. Thank you Becky for being the constant beacon on my journey to well being.

Thank you,

Linda Z.

3 CHEERS !!!!!!!!!



You deserve all the accolades that are being bestowed upon you.

I am a living testament to the wonders that you perform.

I feel very fortunate to have you in my life both personally and professionally.

The guidance that I have received from you and continue to receive, are both noteworthy and rare.

You care for, and feel for each and every one of your clients who eventually, and, with no resistance, become friends. You are a beautiful person Becky, who is blessed with a beautiful heart.

May G-d Bless You With Long Healthy, Successful and Happy Years,
A Loyal Client and Fortunate Friend,


Elaine T. 

Dear Becky,

I wanted to take some time before writing this letter to you. First of all, I would like to say a great big “Thank You” for all you have done for me while I was on your program. I found it very comfortable there making it very easy for me to make my commitment.

I do believe in order to make a commitment I had to look at the bigger picture. I was encouraged by you all the way. The program touches upon more than just a “Diet Program”. It afforded me an empowerment, inspiring me to do more than just lose the weight. I wanted to be “Healthy” first and foremost. Our weekly meetings served an integral part for both of us.

I learned a great deal of what works for me. Like “The Little Engine That Could”, I Think I Can, I Think I Can, And He Could”. I did……………….

Again, thank you and Deb for making it so much fun and easy and for the pleasure of making two new friends. I got more than I bargained for.

Looking forward to seeing you again soon. I wish you continued success.

Most Sincerely,

Elaine T.

Sheldon V. 

I would like to thank you for making my NYC Weightloss Solutions experience such a positive one. The “one to one” program and counseling helped me “re-align my relationship with food” by putting it in its proper perspective.

This is about so much more than going “on a diet”. It is about evaluating what is important to oneself and making intelligent decisions about one’s own priorities. I would recommend this no nonsense program to anyone who has tried all of the commercial diets and is ready to seriously apply themselves to weight loss and maintenance.


Sheldon V.

Barbara W. 

Dear Deborah & Becky;

I can’t begin to express how much you have helped me.

I started the program in June 1998, confused and depressed, by my inability to control my cravings. Your knowledge, kindness and patience, helped me to discover the problem. I now understand the correct balance of foods needed to get my weight down and keep it there.

I am not done yet, but I know I will do it. I have never had a program so satisfying and easy to follow. I feel no depravation. And your encouragement is like a blessing.

I feel as if I have found new friends, who really care about me, (not only the weight) and my overall health. Thank you so much for all you have done. Keep up the good work!

Very Warm Regards,

Barbara W.

Kristin F. 

To Whom It May Concern:

If you want support and guidance during the struggles of a diet, this is the place to come. It is easy to cheat when you only have to report to yourself. Knowing you are reporting to another person (NYC Weightloss Solutions staff) will keep you serious, focused and motivated. The staff is supportive and only a phone call away when needed. Since I have been on this weight program, I have slept easier, had more energy and had quick results. If you are dedicated to losing weight, NYC Weightloss Solutions is the way to go.


Kristen F.

Lynne S. 

(1) Dear Becky-

Happy New Year to Me! I am starting the New Year off right.

How? After two weeks of holiday eating, I was so looking forward to our meeting the other day for my NYC Weightloss Solutions appointment.

I made a very good choice in signing up for the Maintenance Program. With the successful weight loss behind me and reaching my goal, I still need a little help from my friends to keep me at a healthy weight.

Thanks for your counsel in 2009 and best wishes for a successful 2010.

Most Sincerely,

Lynne S.

(2) Dear Becky-

With a bit of hesitation I made an appointment with you on January 15th this year for a free consultation. I was not feeling good about myself, physically and mentally. After our talk, I signed up for a 3-month weight reducing program AND the one-year maintenance program. As you know, I was not entirely new to the program since I was a member back in the early 90’s but the program has since changed – for the better.

Thanks to you, I’ve lost 30 pounds! Your energy, positiveness, care and concern were so very helpful to me and I know that I could not have done it without your guidance. You introduced me to a better way of eating to complement my busy lifestyle. It is such a good feeling when someone comments on how good I look- I do not hesitate to mention that I am a member of NYC Weightloss Solutions with a terrific counselor. I feel a lot different today than when we first met – I’m more attuned to my body—physically and mentally. And, I can well understand the need for a year’s maintenance to ensure I stay right on track for better health. I’ve not only lost weight but also gained a friend.

I want more people to come and see you. I know they would not regret it.

Thanks ever so much.


Lynne S.

(3) Date Started: January 10, 2006

Pounds Lost – Reached Goal on April 24, 2006 (30 lbs and 36 inches)

Life Changed: Happy that I reached one of my goals in life. I feel more confident and outgoing. Pleased with how much better my clothes fit and all the compliments I’ve received. I actually went shopping in my own closet as I had put the smaller sizes aside hoping some day that I would fit into them.

Changes in Dress Size – From 14-16 to Size 10. Can wear short tops and shirts inside instead of the billowing

Physical Changes: No more bloating; digestion better; more energy

Family and Friends Reaction: Most reactions – “You look wonderful – How did you do it?”

Why did I go to NYC Weightloss Solutions: I was on the program several years ago when there were limited food choices. Food choices have increased without compromising the weight loss. My downfall back then was not starting the maintenance program.

What do I like best about NYC Weightloss Solutions: Definitely the counselor and also the one-on-one counseling geared to my problem areas.

How was this different from other diets followed? Weight Watchers is group therapy and in my opinion the reducing allows too many “bad choice” foods, even if it is a small amount.

Overall Personal Feelings: Most times, I don’t finish what I start and am happy to say that since I accomplished my goal weight in a short period of time, I was thrilled and wanted to tell everyone about this great program. I know I will continue to make healthy choices when it comes to my food as long as I am connected to NYC Weightloss Solutions in some way.

Thanks so much!

Lynne S.


Nathan F. 

Dear Becky:

Last year I came to the NYC Weightloss Solutions looking like the Pillsbury Doughboy.

Today, weighing 38 pounds lighter, I feel like a NYC Weightloss Solutions poster boy!!!

It’s not easy to lose weight AND to learn nutritional techniques when you’re a middle-aged person like me. The NYC Weightloss Solutions got me on track, gave me the encouragement, support, and sound advice needed to lose weight and more importantly, KEEP IT OFF.

I learned how to deal with:

*food management

*changing behavior and old habits

*drinking proper amounts of water

*portion control and food mix

*impulse eating

Now, when I get out of the shower I can be proud of my body. I am more energetic and productive; plus, I feel good about myself!!

Thanks for your help and support.


Nathan F.

Qais and Dina 

Dear Becky,

We came to New York with many dreams ahead of us, dreams that became our main goals to achieve from this trip, such as, exploring new culture, improving our second language, and learning new life habits. We knew that in order to achieve those goals we needed self-confidence and satisfaction.

For us, being in a good and healthy shape was the best answer. That’s when we started looking for the best nutrition center to help us with losing all of the excess weight we had suffered from for more than 5 months prior to moving to New York. Since we didn’t know anyone in NY, we started searching the Internet. There we found the NYC Weightloss Solutions and started our journey with you.

From the first meeting, we were very excited to start our first step to our main goal. At the same time, we believed that it would be challenging and very difficult, especially from our past experiences. Don’t forget the culture difference, which is the worst part. However, with your help and hard work, We Made It. You have been so patient with our old habits, how to make the right healthy choices, and above all, you taught us how to appreciate our bodies.

Therefore, all we can say is Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for being part of us through our challenge. It was the best experience ever.

Qais & Dina

Barbara W. 

Dear Becky,

I wanted to write and tell you how much you have helped me. We all have “stuff” to deal with in life, and mine is for (many reasons) food. It takes a lot for me to get on the right track toward my goal. The NYC Weightloss Solutions
Products, shakes and supplements make it simple to follow, prevent cravings, and keep you satisfied, which is more than half the battle. To begin this program and stick to it through the Christmas & New Year’s Celebrations and lose weight is amazing!

Your support, compassion, dedication and guidance have made all the difference in bringing me toward my goal. I so appreciate your calm, steadfast manner, which provides the right environment for success.

I want to continue to go about my life, follow the program and know I am closer to losing weight the right way, and living a Healthy Lifestyle.

Here’s to Success. Many Thanks and Very Warm Regards,

Barbara W.

Peter H. 

Dear Becky,
I want to take a moment to thank you for all you’ve done for me. My case must be rather typical…American male in his 50’s who has gained the proverbial “pound-a-year” and is suddenly 20+ pounds overweight. Previously I could always drop 5 pounds whenever I wanted. That was no longer true. I needed help.

One of the best decisions I’ve made in years was to call you and use you as my “diet coach.” The NYC Weightloss Solutions program, and especially your personal attention, helped me lose those 20 pounds in about 6-8 weeks. Just as importantly, you have re-educated me to a healthy, nutritious approach to eating. For the first time in my life I’m reading ingredients labels and conscious decisions about my nutrition.

Thank you so much. Your professionalism, dedication and passion about health and nutrition made a huge difference in my life. You make dieting fun (almost) and extremely satisfying. I’ve reached my goal and I feel I now have the knowledge to stay with a healthy approach to eating.

I will continue to refer friends and family to you because of the great work you do.

Best Regards,

Peter H.

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