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It all started in my 20’s at my home in Virginia. One evening as I was crawling into bed, the most bizarre thought flew into my mind out of nowhere: I’m going to own my own business by the time I’m 35. I moved to New York in 1984 to assume the position of manager at Diet Center NYC. I absolutely loved working with people and helping them feel better. Watching their transformation was and still is extremely gratifying. Fast forward to 1988, at the age of 34 I decided it was time to have my own franchise, so I bought Diet Center NYC and in March of 2017, we have rebranded to be NYC Weightloss Solutions.

We work with individuals like yourself who want help losing weight. Maybe they need some accountability. Maybe they want someone to simplify what they’re “supposed” to eat amidst the sea of conflicting information. Maybe they have a health issue and their doctor has suggested getting nutritional guidance. Some clients come to us not because they want to lose weight, but rather because they want to learn how to eat healthy.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • Feel out of control
  • Haven’t been able to maintain my weight loss
  • Pre / post-menopausal
  • Hectic lifestyle
  • Need structure
  • Don’t like to cook
  • Eat out a lot
  • Very social lifestyle
  • Travel a lot

Our clients are individuals who are ready to make lifestyle changes so that they may shed the weight once and for all, feel better about themselves, and improve their overall energy and wellness.

    I don’t see that as an issue at all. Many people coming in think their set of circumstances are different. What I’ve found is that there are so many similarities amongst our clients. In my experience of over 30 years of coaching individuals on weight loss, I seldom come across anyone’s circumstances that are different. Clients find comfort in that.

    For one thing (one great, big thing!), we truly care about our clients and form relationships with them. I personally have helped thousands of people lose the weight they wanted AND successfully taught them how to keep it off. My center has been described as an oasis in the middle of Manhattan where clients feel comfortable and safe to express themselves. We truly hear our clients and are thus better able to support and motivate them. You will never get lost in a crowd at NYC Weightloss Solutions on E. 56th St.

    We provide:

    • Non judgmental one-on-one support
    • Unlimited coaching visits each week
    • 4 different programs all designed to be easily followed
    • Blood sugar stabilization so that clients are not hungry
    • A place where clients feel emotionally safe and enjoy visiting

    Usually, the results are life changing. Here is a sample:

    • Improved self esteem
    • Improved energy
    • Better sleep
    • New relationship
    • New job
    • Improved social life
    • Less sickness
    • Renewed vitality
    • Improved relationships
    • Being more assertive
    • New hobbies

    Our most successful clients are:

    • People who are highly motivated to finally lose the weight.
    • Individuals committed to taking care of their health and well-being
    • Those wanting to finally stop complaining about their weight and do something about it

    If you are serious about this, you are a perfect candidate because we are serious here. We will put everything we have into your success.

    NYC Weightloss Solutions approaches weight loss as a lifestyle change for future health and well-being, not just another diet. We offer a very personalized solution for your weight loss issues. Since one program can’t possibly work for everyone, we have four different programs from which to choose.

    The following are included in all programs:

    1)   Visits  Up to 4 times per week!   Opportunity to motivate, educate and encourage!

    2)   Monitoring Systems:

    • Weight: Expectations; mini goals; overcoming obstacles; recognition; validates & verifies
    • Measurements: Key area tells you and us how much fat and inches you’re losing!
    • ELG/BCA: Lean to fat % – monitor to make sure you stay on track to lose fat, eat properly and exercise!

    3)    Food List

    • Nutrition Control: Variety, recommendations, better nutrition = GREATER WEIGHT LOSS
    • Portion Control: Continual education; process that creates good eating habits; establish quantities for weight loss & maintenance
    • Calorie Control: Look at carbs, protein and fats (lipids). Examine types of fat in order to maximize weight loss

    4)   Nutrition Education: Determine individual nutritional needs and learn to eat accordingly…you’ll lose weight, feel great & have more energy!

    5)   Support, Encouragement & Motivation: We create a positive, nonjudgmental environment geared to help you get your weight off in a healthy way

    6)   Counseling

    • 1.   Address problems/questions on diet – overcoming obstacles
    • 2.   Change unhealthy habits and create new and healthier ones to lose weight
    • 3.   Personal evaluation to pinpoint problem areas and find permanent solutions to help keep weight off!

    7)   Chewable Food Supplements

    •  A non-drug formulated to stabilize blood sugar, keep hunger at bay and control appetite effectively! They help to metabolize proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and provide needed energy during your diet, naturally!

    Absolutely! As I said, it’s not rocket science! If you can follow the guidelines we provide, you will be thrilled with your results. Please check out our testimonials on the website as well as on yelp, citisearch, google places, and insiderpages.

    Depending on the program you choose, you can expect to lose between 8 and 18 pounds per month and 8 to 27 inches. Most of our clients have a weight loss after 1 to 2 days of following their plan.

    Absolutely! Please go to the Testimonials page and read all of them. See which ones resonate with you. Then, feel free to email or call us so that we may give you their contact number.

    That’s easy…by simply following the plan we work out together and by coming in for regular individual visits with a counselor you will reach your goal weight, unless there’s a medical issue we don’t know about.

    Fresh Start is a program designed for someone who enjoys cooking and has the time to shop and prepare his or her food choices. On this program when followed as designed you expect a weight loss of up to 2 pounds per week.

    FastTrac is a combination meal replacement & food program which offers meal plans at various caloric intake levels. It makes your weight-loss process relatively mindless with more aggressive fat loss then the Fresh Start program. Typically if followed this program will yield a 3 to 5 pound weight loss per week.

    To maximize your weight loss, jump-start with a meal replacement program to condition your body in preparation for weight reduction. This will allow you to put an immediate end to unhealthy eating patterns. All of these programs are flexible and can be designed to fit your lifestyle. If you are someone on the go during the week and often skip meals, a meal replacement program might be best for you. If you have more time and the desire to eat your own meals on the weekends, we can integrate our FRESH START program. When you come in for your initial complementary session we can determine what plan or combo of plans is best for you.

    Call us today at (212) 759-8118 and let us help you get started on the path of something you’ve been dreaming of for such a very long time!

    Oh your journey just truly begins there. The maintenance is the toughest piece of the whole puzzle. Maintenance is an ongoing lifelong process. Many people know how to lose weight, but very few know how to keep it off. That is why we have a proven structure in place to help you learn to maintain your weight while adding more foods back into your daily routine. Accountability and coaching are crucial during this time. We will guide you all along the way!

    Congratulations on making a decision to take care of yourself! Did you know that one of the main characteristics of successful people is that they take action? They stop talking about it and start doing something about it before they put on another 10 pounds waiting for the perfect time to start. There is no perfect time. There will always be something coming up. It’s called LIFE. So having said that, here’s what you can do: Call us at (212) 759-8118 and speak with one of us to set up a time for your “Get Acquainted Chat”. The sooner you call, the quicker we can get started with your weight loss and helping you to feel better about yourself. We are happy to work with you to achieve your wellness goals. You have two options:

    • A la Carte: You pay for your Reducing Program up front. Maintenance is paid when you have reached your goal.
    • Complete Program: You pay for your Reducing and Maintenance Programs up front. Doing this provides you with a steep discount.

    If you’re interested in learning how to maintain your weight and protect your investment in your weight loss, maintenance is a must! Look at it as an insurance policy on your weight loss. Otherwise, you are likely to be one of those that put the weight back on. Let’s face it, how horribly defeating would that be? Wouldn’t do much for the self-esteem, would it?

    We accept cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. We do not accept insurance.

    Most HSA accounts will reimburse you for your program.

    Absolutely! Sounds like you’re ready to start taking care of yourself. We are honored to be the ones you’ve chosen to help you with your wellness goals and are excited to see you succeed.

    For a full list of our programs, click here!

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