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Special Dietary Needs? That’s certainly something we are very familiar with!

Are you:

  • Gluten sensitive
  • Diabetic?
  • Vegetarian?
  • Hypogylcemic?
  • Menopausal?
  • Lactose Intolerant?
  • A Picky Eater?
  • Suffering fron High Blood Pressure?
  • Recovering from a Heart Attack?

… If so NYC Weightloss Solutions has a program for you!! You’ll start losing those extra pounds, inches, and excess body fat right away. Your program to develop for nutritional principles, which are easy to follow and proven to reduce successful results.

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Weight Loss Programs With Fast, Healthy Results

For over 28 years, people have been coming to us knowing they will receive dependable and healthy weight-loss results with the care they expect. Our experience, knowledge, and successful track record have proven the test of time. At NYC Weightloss Solutions there’s a weight-loss program for you no matter what your weight-loss needs or lifestyle. Even if you’ve tried all the other weight-loss programs out there, come see how we are different. Become a slimmer, healthier you by trying one of our weight-loss programs today


Our weight loss programs are designed to fit any lifestyle. Our most aggressive series of programs, FastTrac, averages an incredible 9-15 pound weight loss & even more inches in only 21 days! Our more traditional line of programs, Fresh Start, is for those who enjoy cooking and are interested in a slower weight loss. NYC Weightloss Solutions provides you with professional guidance & behavior modification. This is not just another diet; it’s about creating a lifestyle change for your future health & well-being. What sets us apart from other weight loss facilities is the one-on-one coaching from a staff that genuinely cares. We strive to create an atmosphere that’s uplifting and fun! There’s no expectation of perfection!

Which program is best for me?


Simply put, NYC Weightloss Solutions prides itself on service. The care, personal attention, continuous support, and the understanding of your needs is an integral part of helping you successfully reach your weight-loss goals. We are open 4 days a week and are available for in-center visits, phone sessions, Skype, and FaceTime. Body measurements will be taking on a regular basis to show your progress. Periodically, a Body Composition Analysis will be performed to show that you are losing fat and not your lean muscle tissue. This is a more accurate measurement of healthy weight. Your program will be consistently adjusted according to your documented progress. In addition to these services, you learn about proper food selection, nutrition, behavior modification, self-direction, stress management, sensible exercise and more. You will receive the motivation, support, and knowledge you need to help you succeed.

  • One On One Coaching: Private sessions from a staff that genuinely cares sets us apart from other cookie cutter weight loss programs. You will never get lost in a crowd at NYC Weightloss Solutions.
  • Products: Looking for some healthy low fat/low carb options? Stop by and check out our line of products. We offer a multitude of products to make your diet more enjoyable AND satisfying. We have a plenty of snacks to satisfy your palette & meet your nutritional needs without skipping a beat on your weight loss plan.
  • BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION: behavioral change is the cornerstone to successful weight-loss. You will learn how to break inappropriate links causing physical and emotional eating. You will learn new strategies for managing old patterns that have created your weight gain.

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